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Prosystems’s specialists presented the company’s equipment at the Solids-2017 exhibition, which was held on June 6-7 2017 in Moscow.

Solids-2017 took place for the third time, and was devoted to the state-of-art technologies of handling, processing, treatment, storage and transportation of bulk materials. The exhibitors introduced the guests to a wide range of equipment for preparation and transshipment of bulk raw materials, batching, classification, screening, sieving, mixing, and crushing of bulk materials.

The event was attended by specialists of the construction, food-manufacturing, chemical, and agricultural industries, as well as of the plastics, metal-working, machine-building, and mining industries, and forage production.

The experts of the Prosystems company, together with the manufacturer STANELLE® Silos+Automation GmbH, provided detailed consultations to the visitors at their booth, and a visual demonstration of the operation of such technical facilities as the:

  • ASK-type vibrating cone. It serves for unhindered unloading of hard-running materials from silos and hoppers;
  • JET-LOADER JBM 220 QUADRO loader. It allows for making the process of bulk material transportation much easier;
  • Flow-bow swivel fitting which is characterized by maximum wear resistance;
  • Aspiration filters, gate valves, etc.

There was also a specialized conference held within the scope of the exhibition, which was participated by Aleksandr Drozdov, Director General of Prosystems Ltd., who made a report on the “Typical problems of the pneumatic method of truck unloading when transporting loose goods, and a practical solution to them by means of equipment optimization”.

In his speech, the expert focused on the principal technical characteristics of automobiles and railway cars for loose goods transportation, the parameters of filtration units for storage facilities, and also provided information on the use of modern technologies for the optimization of the process on practical examples.