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Environmental safety at production site

The manufacture of any product is comprised of complicated technological processes. In many cases, these processes are accompanied with the release of great amounts of polydisperse dust, harmful gases, and other types of contaminations. The production technosphere’s dust causes various diseases in the personnel, reduces the cost-effectiveness of the production, leads to the wear of the technological equipment and accessory mechanisms.

The technical solutions offered by the Prosystems company are aimed at maintenance of the environmental cleanliness of the bulk material storage and transportation process, which contributes to the enhancing of the labor environmental safety level and to environment protection.

The range of products includes dust elimination filters for:

Our aspiration filters are a cost-effective solution in the field of use of different bulk materials, and have a number of unique characteristics:

The Prosystems company offers different design variants of cartridges, filtering elements, and filter sleeves, which are the perfect choice – even in case of the most difficult contaminations – for contaminant filtering or extraction of valuable materials from gases. Here are some examples: filter sleeves for separator filters in the metallurgical, cement, mining, chemical, food-manufacturing, feed mill industries, as well as many other industry branches.

The loading devices sold by the company can load soft, powdery, and granulated bulk materials quickly and with no damage to the environment. The loading devices are equipped with a dust-proof apron or cover, which ensures dust-free bulk loading of free-flowing materials into open trucks, railway cars, and cargo vessels. The use of the TELE-RONDO telescopic loading device during the loading of transport contributes to reduction of dust formation and emission due to the decrease of the dusty materials’ drop height. The exit cone is inserted into the silo vehicle’s hatch, and the telescopic pipes are immerged deep in the silo vehicle, thus decreasing the free fall height to 20-40 cm.

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