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Optimization of the process of bulk material loading into different types of transport

In the process of working with bulk materials it is often necessary to move/transport them, for which purpose different types of transport are used: automobile transport, railway cars, cargo vessels, etc. Due to the substantial volume and weight of bulk materials being transported, the loading process becomes energy-consuming and labor-intensive.

The loading mechanisms offered by us allow for loading bulk, powdery, and granulated bulk materials quickly and with no damage to the environment. They can be used for dust-free loading of such materials into silo vehicles, open truck transport, railway cars, containers, mixers, and cargo vessels, as well as for bulk loading.

There is an advanced technology of loader manufacturing, which allows for preventing the separation of mixtures into fractions, the material’s initial condition is preserved, its dusting and release to the environment is ruled out.

A telescopic loader is a technologically advanced and state-of-art solution which allows for performing the process of loading with maximum efficiency and with minimum impact on the bulk material.



Our company also offers the following types of loading devices:

Our equipment has a number of competitive advantages, which allow for the optimization of the technological process and reduction of the amortization costs.



Depending on the customer’s requirements and the tasks set, the company’s specialists will help select different design variants (structure height, stroke length, etc.). The loaders can also be equipped with a dust-proof apron or cover, which enhances the environmental safety at the enterprise.

The loaders can be used as equipment for any types of silos, and be installed in different loading areas. The system’s variability and the availability of a wide range of accessory equipment allow for achieving high performance.

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