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Silo safety system

A serious risk of overload or excessive pressurization of the reservoir emerges during pneumatic silo loading, which can result in an emergency situation entailing substantial damage and financial losses.

During uncontrolled unloading of the material, the impact on the side surfaces of the silo increases, which results in deformation of the installation, and the silo may collapse like a concertina. A breach of the loading procedure may provoke critical damage to the construction as well.


Uncontrolled loading and unloading of bulk materials from the silo may result in fatal accidents and substantial financial losses for the facility’s owners.

The Prosystems company sells a wide range of devices intended for silo protection against overload or excessive pressurization, such as sphincter valves, emergency discharge valves, maximum level sensors, optical and acoustic alarm devices, etc.

We also offer a comprehensive solution which is an autonomous system and thus a perfect solution for ensuring the safety of the loading and unloading process. The control system, which is ready for connection, in combination with the components included in the scope of delivery will prevent silos from being overloaded, rule out the exceedance of admissible internal pressure, as well as allow for determination of the product’s basic parameters in real time. Moreover, the aspiration filter installed on the silo can be controlled via the control system.

Various design features of the devices offered by us allow for providing our customers with both conventional and unconventional solutions, with consideration for the specified purpose of a particular  piece of equipment and for the customer’s specifications.

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