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Mobile Big Bag filling stations for small enterprises.

Big Bags are soft containers with slings, made from polypropylene as a rule. Depending on the purpose and the contents, they can be produced with additional elements: internal insert, external covering, loading and unloading hatches, etc. Big Bags are universal packing for transportation and storage of small quantities of loose goods.

This solution is of particular relevance for small enterprises and temporary production sites with limited production floor space which do not have the possibility to use large-sized silos and hoppers for storage purposes.

For such enterprises, the Prosystems company sells Big Bag filling stations. Such a filling station can easily be transported to the work site. Our specialists are always ready to suggest different design variants of the equipment and a wide range of additional options with consideration for the customer’s individual tasks.

 Economic benefit

Products packed in Big Bags can be stored in outdoor areas, which makes it possible not to build separate storage facilities. Besides that, often hard-running materials are regularly pumped from one silo into another to prevent them from caking and lumping, according to common practice. But nonproductive conveying of raw materials in this case requires substantial energy expenditures, additional storage facilities, is associated with particle destruction, etc. For this reason, progressive storage of hard-running components in silos is often abandoned in favor of their storage in Big Bags.

Advantages of using mobile Big Bag filling stations:

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