About Prosystems

Prosystems specializes in the implementation of equipment for storage and transportation of all kinds of bulk materials; it is the official representative of STANELLE® Silos + Automation GmbH in Russia and the CIS.

We carry out a full range of activities, including technical project development, initial project preparation, supply of the complete set of the necessary equipment, as well as installation, commissioning and further maintenance of the equipment.

Prosystems’s principal activities are aimed at addressing the following issues:

  • Each item of equipment has its own unique formula developed through the use of advanced technologies, as well as the professional experience of the company experts; it is focused on reducing the production costs of the Customer.
  • Leaks of light fractions and dust into the environment often occur at the enterprises working with bulk materials, polluting them and causing a negative impact on the hygiene of the working environment.

The use of Prosystems equipment prevents the separation of light and heavy fractions under their free depositing and the release to the environment, significantly improving the level of environmental and industrial safety.

The Unique Advantages of Our Equipment

  • The equipment design is focused on durability; the materials used are of high strength. This is confirmed by the distinctive characteristics of the equipment.

Venting filters::

                 ⇒The ducts and the distributor, which supply the air to the air-blow cabinet,                       are made of steel or aluminum, instead of plastic;

                 ⇒The robust housing of equipment parts is made of 2 mm varnished steel                        (while the competing manufacturers produce 0.8 mm thick steel housing);

                 ⇒The caps for venting filters are extremely reliable; opening during operation                     is ruled out;

                 ⇒Parts’ fastening to silos is made of 5 mm steel; it is tightly sealed to the                     surface.

Sliding shutters:

                 ⇒The diagram of connection between the motor component and the shutters                      designed by specialists allows using motors of smaller capacity, thereby                       significantly increasing the energy savings.

  • Patents for certain types of equipment are available;
  • We use master controllers with high-quality electronics, which operate without failure for many years;
  • The equipment can be installed and maintained without the use of special tools;
  • Our customers face only competent technical experts, both before the purchase of equipment and during its operation;
  • The modification of components remains unchanged for more than 20 years, precluding any problems with the acquisition of spare parts for the equipment already in use.
  • The full production cycle takes place in Germany.

Long service life of the equipment and the spare parts facilitates the optimization of technological processes and ensures the industrial safety and environmental protection, thus increasing the enterprises’ cumulative profit.


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